ROI of Content Strategy

ROI for Content Strategy Elena Soroka

Determine the success of content marketing: Within the content strategy, you will find metrics that show the success of your content. Some posts are created to boost sales, while others are for audience growth.

Content for Customer Journey Funnel

No longer is marketing about making a quick sale; it’s about creating meaningful connections, providing value at every turn, and ultimately transforming first-time buyers into brand advocates.

What are the seven elements of brand storytelling?

What are the seven elements of brand storytelling?_ Elena Soroka _ Content Strategy

Storytelling is an ancient art that has been used to convey messages, entertain, and educate for centuries. However, creating a compelling narrative that captivates your audience can be challenging.

Evolution of Content Marketing 2023

Content strategy Evolution 2023

You still think content marketing is hype and there is no need to invest a marketing budget in a blog post, photo shoot, etc. Below I show you how old the concept of content marketing is and why it is crucial to your brand’s success.

Who are the architects of the future?


At the same time, you must realize that the developers are not informational architects. Developers are the people who have the tools to create what you ask for. If your request is not well defined, or you do not provide a wireframe – please be ready for disappointment.

Content Strategy

Whether you’re just starting your business or not seeing the expected outcomes, reach out to me, and together, we’ll craft a strategy that works specifically for you and your target audience. Schedule a meeting today, and start selling tomorrow.

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