By the way, I just described the target group of my blog. Especially for that reason, I created different categories of my posts. Categories will help you navigate through my blog portfolio, and be sure the jargon I use will be familiar to you. 

Who am I?

I am a digital marketing Manager who primarily worked with content management, content creation, and content strategy. I hold a Facebook badge (Blue Print certification) and run digital campaigns on my own with budgets of thousands of EUR. I am in love with data, which is almost always tricky. We tend to find things we want to and skip information that points to our failure.
I finished several courses for paid advertising and targeting on social media during my professional path. From 2020 till now, I have been employed in companies and freelance consulting for small businesses: I focus on three industries: Jewelry, beauty services, and gastronomy.

Why did I start my blog?

My blog is part of my master’s program in FH joanneum. I have dyslexia and would never start a blog if I would not be graded for it. So I guess it can be interesting to see how far a person with dyslexia can go. Maybe our limitations are only in our heads.

What content can you expect to see in my blog?

First of all, as you can see, I don’t have a page of services or pricing, which means I don’t try to see you my service. Secondly, I have a lot of friends and friends of friends that have only one question.

-How do I grow my business online fast and when I don’t have time and money to invest.
– You don’t.

So for all my friends and friends of friends and ex-employees and other people, I will write about marketing, social media, consumer behavior, explain what content strategy is and who needs it (small spoiler everyone needs a strategy).
I will explain how to talk to agencies and choose the ideal service. I will share my experience and knowledge in client management. And more!

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