When studying a master’s program while working full-time, you need more than just resilience.

Knowledge of deadlines and stress management techniques can benefit your overall well-being. 

The Power of Deadlines

Deadlines can have both positive and negative effects. My focus was sharpened but it also caused stress due to an imbalance between work and studying.

To overcome that, I adopted an approach – I broke down my master thesis into milestones, each with set of two deadlines. One was a personal deadline, and the other – was the official submission date to my supervisor. Even though the project delays occurred, I had built-in buffers with my internal deadlines. 

Stress: The Inescapable Monster

Stress is unavoidable, mainly when “rest” seems like a luxury. But here is my strategy – take time just for yourself. For me, that time was morning yoga. It not only helped me to sleep better but also allowed me to wake up motivated, dedicating a half hour to myself each day. This routine was a lifesaver even during the high-pressure last two months of thesis submission.

COS 21 - lecture time attendance week in Graz

What next?

The Significance of an Online Portfolio

An online portfolio is a must for any content strategist. Don’t be afraid to share your insights freely. It’s not about giving away something for nothing – the more you share, the more opportunities you attract. Whether it’s social media, YouTube, a blog, or local meet-ups, the goal is to create a community of people who engage with and appreciate your content.

Community Building

In content strategy, we understand that content should cater to the needs of our customer persona. This principle applies to my portfolio too. It needs to offer value to a specific audience, focusing on a unique idea that helps solve their problems. Trying to write about everything and everyone won’t allow me to achieve my goals.

Goals and the Path Ahead

Reflecting on my journey, I realized my initial goal was to overcome the fear of writing. I worked on structures that helped me craft coherent blogs, almost turning them into a mathematical equation. I am proud to say I achieved this goal.

Now, my focus will be shifted to specific topics for my portfolio. I am also working on creating distinct customer personas for my dual roles as a photographer and content strategist. While these roles are closely related, they cater to different needs, requiring unique buyer personas. In the future, my blog posts will revolve around solving problems for these personas. Furthermore, I aim to create a content calendar for my social media platforms, where I plan to share educational content through short videos.

If there’s one thing I learned throughout my time at the COS 21 Portfolio Course, it’s this – everything is possible if you want it. Like any skill, writing is a habit that we can continually refine and improve. As I conclude this chapter, I invite you to join me on the next phase of this exciting journey.

Whether you’re an aspiring content strategist, a photographer, or someone interested in creating compelling narratives, I invite you to learn together and strengthen our community. Let’s write better, faster, and more strategically together (or with Jutta if you are a COS 2_ student).

You do not want to miss my next blog post.

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