In today’s fast-running world, where information overload is the norm, but I found an effective way to organize information and make it easy to remember. The mind map is a powerful tool that has become popular recently. I met these technics when I faced an enormous amount of information I had to remember for my exams. However, nowadays, I continue to use it in my professional life as a content strategist.

Mind map in content strategy _Elena soroka

What is a mind map?


This visual map with ideas, concepts, and connections helps us understand, organize, and remember information more effectively. 

Strategies for Mind Map Techniques:

  1. Brainstorming and Idea Generation

    One of the advantages of using mind maps in content strategy projects is their ability to facilitate brainstorming and idea generation. Content strategists can start by placing a central theme or topic in the center of the map and then branch out with related ideas, keywords, and concepts. This technique allows for exploring various angles and perspectives, promoting creativity and expanding possibilities.

  2. Organizing and Structuring Information

    Mind maps manage and structure complex information. Content strategists can make a project overview by visually mapping the relationships between different content elements. They can create branches and sub-branches to break down concepts into manageable tasks, ensuring clear and easy performance.

  3. Collaboration and Communication with Miro Boards
    Miro, a (collaborative) online whiteboard platform, provides a digital canvas for creating mind maps and encourage teamwork. Moreover, ease communication within the project participants. With the ability to add images, documents, and links, Miro boards become a dynamic and interactive workspace that enables seamless sharing and understanding of complex strategies. Miro boards allow multiple team members to contribute simultaneously, facilitating real-time collaboration, feedback, and brainstorming sessions.

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Mind map for the content strategy project in Vienna

In my last project, which I did for a negotiation trainer, Svitalan Kalitsun, before we began the project, I created a mind map to explain to my client the full scope of the project. Since most projects have a limited budget, I also included aspects that needed to be done but would not be covered by me as a contracted content strategist. Below is a real example of the Miro board I used in my last content strategy project. This tool is extremely useful for me to know what I have to do and for my client to understand what and why I do it.


How We build your online course Vienna

To sum up, mind maps are a useful tool for content strategy projects. They give an overall view of the project and let content strategists see the steps and progression. Mind maps also help content strategists to be more creative, clear thinking, and improve project results. By using mind maps, content strategists can spot gaps, inconsistencies, and redundancies in my plans. 

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